My Tips For Easy Walks With Your Baby And Puppy Together

It’s great to find ways to entertain both, human baby and puppy. Walking is an awesome way to knock out 30 minutes to an hour with both of my little ones and get some good exercise!

My baby loves going for walks because she’s old enough to face out in her stroller and look around. I talk to her throughout the walkabout everything we pass and we say hello to any neighbors we see (to help prevent stranger anxiety). I usually take her right after a feeding so she’s happy and gets the time to sit and digest. 

Walking My Baby and Pup Together

My pup gets a lot of his energy out on walks. He prefers to “stop and sniff” which is really awkward with the stroller so I’m working on my version of the “heel” command. Whenever he stops, I pull on the leash to bring him up to my heel and say “heel.” Teaching the full “heel” command would be near impossible with the stroller, but to help reduce him pulling me forward I’m looking into a no-pull front harness as recommended by Follow The Leader.

At first it seemed like a lot to manage, but after consistently walking with the baby and the puppy we fell into a good rhythm together. If your dog still seems to need a little faster pace after a week or so of walking everyday, it might be better to get some of their energy out in another way beforehand or just walk the baby and the dog separately, if possible.